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How you can make a claim

One of the things that makes the service Hydrogard Legal Services offer is our unique one-to-one personal service. We don't just send you paperwork in the post, we visit and read through every part of the contract with you, we answer all of your questions and then it is up to you what you want to do. Did i mention if we are successful, YOU GET THE REFUND.


Solar Panel sales person puts a 75 Year old pensioner into a  10-year finance agreement with Barclays Partner Finance. 

No Income & Expenditure assessment and no income to support herself. The pensioner gets just £86 per week to live on and has been put into a 10 year £115 per month regulated credit agreement. Disgusting, watch the video for more information....

Customer Update Video

This is the story of a seventy one year old pensioner who was visited by a sales person from Solar Power (GB). Who sat in her house for over 3 hours bullying her, intimidating her until she signed a 10 year regulated credit agreement for solar panels that she didn't ask for, she didn't want and she certainly didn't need. 

The finance company are Hitachi  finance of Apex View, Leeds and they have broken the rules and regulations of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and both companies should be ashamed

Zenith Staybrite Customer Update

Zenith Staybrite (Zensb Realisations) in liquidation since 31st August 2017.

If you purchased windows doors or conservatories from Zenith Staybrite before 31st August 2017 you may be entitled to make a complaint for a refund under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 

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Hydrogard Legal Services - mis-sold Finance Agreements

Have you ever purchased a product in your own home and used the finance that the sales person was promoting , if you have you could be entitled to a full refund. UK Consumer Law has never been stronger than now, since October 2015, the Consumer Rights Act has brought more power and protection to the Consumer.

No Deposit Finance

Hydrogard Legal Services - Home Improvement and Finance Refund Specialists

When you have a direct sales person in your home, they are not there because they are your friends, they are there to sell you their products. 

They will use whatever tools they have at their disposal and will tell you whatever they think you want to hear and in order to make it easier to purchase their products, they will offer FINANCE. Sometimes this finance can be no deposit, interest free or standard finance spread over a period of time.


Hydrogard Legal Services have a team of Consumer Specialists who understand when your finance document is sold to you correctly and in line with your Consumer Rights. If you have signed a finance document in your home for any product or service including Windows, Doors or Conservatories, Solar Panels, Kitchens or Bathrooms then please call us on 08000 74 84 94

One to One a Personal Service

Hydrogard Legal Services - Specialist Consumer Team

In order to make sure you receive the best and most up-to-date information, our Consumer Specialists are only a phone call away. If you are unsure whether your finance agreement was sold to you outside of your Consumer Rights, then call us and we will check for you.

Double Glazing Companies offer a "Lifestyle" or "Subsidy" finance package, nearly all double glazing companies in the UK offer a "Show Home" promotion, this may have breached your Consumer Rights and you may be entitled to a full refund.

If you have signed a Finance document in your own home within the last ten years, then you may have a bona-fide reason for making a refund application and it doesn't matter what the product is.

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