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Testimonials & Customer Feedback


Mr Richardson - Hampshire

Dear Chris, 

On behalf of Rosie and myself we wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team for the fantastic work you carried out on our behalf.

After my sister heard your advert on the radio and passed your details on to me, I have to say I am so pleased we used your services. It was refreshing to know you did all of  the work no win no fee and no upfront cost and the result is better than we could ever have imagined.

Our windows were fitted by Safe Glaze UK who have ceased trading and the windows were appalling, you won us a full refund on the payments we had made, which was over £1,000 and you got our finance cancelled and without affecting our credit file. We can now get the windows sorted out properly. 

We will pass your details on to other people who find themselves in the same situation as us and will recommend you to everyone. 

Thanks again

Ian & Rosie

Mr King - Kent

Dear Mr Brown, 

I wanted to say thank you for all of the work you and your team did in getting me a refund of  £5,370 .00 on my mis-sold solar panels. When I found out that My Planet had ceased trading I was very frustrated. Hydrogard Legal Services have restored my faith in humanity. 

Thank you all so much.

MrS Lane - Northamptonshire

Thank you to Stephen Lee and Hydrogard Legal Services for all of the hard work you have completed in getting me my refund.

The solar panel sales person told me my panels would pay for themselves and they never have but thanks to Hydrogard I have got a big chunk of my money back and I am so pleased with the result. 

God bless you all

Mrs Lane

Mr & Mrs Brown - Hampshire

Dear Mr Brown, 

both myself and Mrs Brown wanted to say a big thank you for all of your help in getting us a full refund of the roof coating and the new roof. 

To say we were sceptical in the beginning would be an understatement but you assured us we were in the right and you did the work on a no win no fee basis and I am pleased to pay your charges of 30%. 

The refund of over £5,500 was very welcome and come at an important time for us. We have told our family and friends about your service and we are over the moon with the result. 

We are going to use some of the refund to go on holiday, so thank you to everyone at Hydrogard Legal Services, great service and so pleased with the result.

Best wishes

Mr & Mrs Browns 

Mr Carter - Hampshire

Dear Chris,

Just wanted to let you know that I am so pleased with the result you got for me on my mis-sold solar panels. The Company have as you know decided to cancel the finance agreement and refund the money I have paid.

You and your company have done exactly what you said, you didn't charge me any upfront payment to start the process and you took all o f the risk. I got my refund paid directly to me and I am so pleased to be able to pay your fee, which is worth every penny.

Great result and really appreciate everything you have done. I will recommend you to everyone I can.


Chris Carter

Testimonials, Feedback, Hydrogard Legal Services

Mr Barker - Berkshire

Mr P Barker - Berkshire:

Thermal Coatings Contract 2011 - Mis-selling Claim

Dear Sir,

While, at first, I was doubtful about responding to your company's flyer inviting a mis-selling claim, I now write to compliment you on the highly efficient and effective way in which you have handled and supported my application. Astoundingly, in less than three weeks you obtained the Credit Card Services' offer of full reimbursement of the total very substantial sum - plus interest.

In particular, I would like to commend your Mr Chris Brown for his thoroughly professional yet reassuringly client-friendly person-to-person interaction. With his aid, the claim process has, for me, been both swift and entirely painless. It has also been financially risk-free and I have no hesitation in paying your 30% fee.

Yours faithfully

P Barker

Adrian Cann - A Cann Contracting - Cornwall

Well hello  👋 and thank you Hydrogard for your 100% help with my case sorting my forage harvester problem was a tough and long road for over 12 months but you kept up the top work and won the day for me and my agricultural contracting business so pleased this is over and the machine has been returned to the supplier and I have been fully refunded my money, this was a big case for you and you brought it home so a big thank you to Chris Brown and David Lewis and the rest of the team at Hydrogard Legal Services that helped.

I can honestly recommend this company to anybody to fight your case for you what ever it could be and if I ever need help again which I hope not, I will be calling Hydrogard, great company great staff great results time to celebrate  🎉
yours Adrian Cann

Mr & Mrs Minchen - Berkshire

Dear Mr Brown,

We would both like to thank you for all of the hard work you and your team did in reaching a successful conclusion with our bank regarding our home improvement refund claim. Although the claim took over a year to settle, we thank you for keeping us up to date on the various proceedings, although we have to say, we were in doubt most of the time about whether the claim would be settled or if the Ombudsman would find in our favour.

It was a very welcome telephone call from you the other day informing us that the Ombudsman had agreed our claim ( full refund of the contract plus interest), and your visit the next day to get the necessary forms signed.

We must admit, we both thought it was a bit of a scam when Hydrogard contacted us last year, but having checked on line decided to meet with your representative. We are so glad we took the chance. We both wish you and your Company all the success in the world and again thank you for all of your help in this matter. 

Without the help from Hydrogard we would never have known about this facility and cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and effort.

Yours sincerely

Mr Alan & Mrs Maureen Minchen

Mr & Mrs Nash - Surrey

Dear Chris, and all your team at Hydrogard Legal Services,

We would like to thank you all for your hard work in retrieving our money back from the Contract we signed for the Thermal Roof Coating. 

Mind you we didn't think it would be true, we were very sceptical and thought it might be a scam, we had many sleepless nights thinking about it and wondering if you could take our money from the information we gave you, but it all came true when we knew we were getting the refund.

You told us it was a NO WIN - NO FEE NO UPFRONT PAYMENT service and it was, we are really so very pleased and have told lots of our neighbours about you and your service. Thank you all once again for a job well done. It is nice to have people like you on our side, a very happy Christmas to you all. 

Yours sincerely Mr & Mrs Nash.

Mr Sharma - Surrey

I was approached by Hydrogard Legal Services and informed that a historical product that I had purchased (roof coating) had been mis-sold and that I was entitled to a full refund if I had paid by credit card and still had my proof of purchase (which I did). As I didn't have the time to pursue this myself (busy overseeing some property extension work) I agreed to let HLS claim on my behalf for a 30% share of the refund. Took ca. 6-8 weeks and claim was successful. Very happy with their conduct and professionalism. Would use them again in a similar situation. 

Mr Robinson - Kent

I was approached by Hydrogard and another law firm, both offering to obtain redress on my behalf for a mis-selling incident in which I was the victim. The other firm sent me several forms to complete and return together with certain valuable documents to establish my ID, whereas a representative of Hydrogard came to my house, completed the forms from the information I gave and inspected the ID documents, thus avoiding the need to entrust them to the postal system.

The representative was very professional in his approach and informed me I should hear the result of my claim within about 8 weeks. 6 or 7 weeks later I received a phone call from Hydrogard informing me that my claim had been met in full. The funds came through a week or so later from the defendant company.

The claim was conducted on a no win no fee no upfront cost basis, so I ended up paying Hydrogard 30% of my claim monies, but until Hydrogard contacted me I was unaware of the possibility of claiming. 

Although I therefore retrieved only 70% of my original outlay, it was more than I expected to reclaim and it gave me the satisfaction of knowing that nobody profited from the mis-selling.

Testimonials, Feedback, Hydrogard Legal Services

Mr Hall - Hampshire

I would like to say a big thank you to Chris Brown and the team at Hydrogard Legal Services for all of the hard work in getting me back a full refund on the thermal roof coating that was mis-sold to me. 

I am delighted with all of the work that Chris and his staff have done to bring about this very successful outcome and I will certainly recommend you and your team at Hydrogard to everyone who may need your service.  

Chris also helped me by cancelling a contract and throwing a dodgy sales person out of my house. At 91 years of age I suppose I am a little vulnerable and too trusting, but Hydrogard Legal Services have certainly helped me, thank you.

Mrs Russell - Berkshire

Dear Chris and everyone at Hydrogard Legal Services, thank you so much for getting a positive result and payment for a mis-sold contract from 2011. I was surprised that you did the work on a no win no fee no upfront cost basis and my neighbour was convinced it was a scam but you proved him wrong, thank you.

Receiving my refund allowed me the opportunity to afford to visit my son in New Zealand and I will always be grateful for your help and assistance, the trip was a wonderful opportunity for me to see my son, his lovely wife and my grandchildren.

I am pleased to have paid your fee and congratulate you on your efforts for me.

best regards

Mrs Russell 

Mr & Mrs Butler - Kent

Dear Chris and everyone at Hydrogard Legal Services, thank you for your persistence on our behalf, in getting the full value of the mis-sold roof coating installation by Thermal Coatings from our Credit Card Company. 

We were kept well informed all the way along the line, by letter or phone and finally with you getting the ombudsman involved and the great result of the final settlement. 

I would recommend anyone to you and your professional service and not forgetting your helpful team too.

Mr Theobald - Berkshire

Dear Mr Brown, 

Please find enclosed a cheque for the legal service fees and home improvement refund claim. This amount being the 30% fee of the refunded amount as agreed in your No Win - No Fee agreement. 

Thank you to everyone at Hydrogard Legal Services for your help and advice in this matter, a very agreeable outcome to the claim.


Mr & Mrs Theobald

Mr & Mrs Wallington - Berkshire

Dear Chris,

Thank you for all of the hard work that you and your team have carried out for us, we truly appreciate everything you have done for us and helping us get a refund from the solar panels and for the inverter, which was never needed.

You have become a good friend to us both and nothing is ever too much trouble for you. We both laughed the day you threw the sales person out of our home after he was trying to sell us something else that we didn't need, thank you.

I think it is amazing that you help pensioners like us and all without taking any money upfront. You will always be in our prayers.

Best wishes

Ted & Francis


We help consumers across the UK fight for their consumer rights and we do all of this on a strict NO WIN, NO FEE, NO UPFRONT COST basis. You do not pay us any money unless we win  you a refund. 


Our fees are 30% inclusive of VAT and you only pay us after you have been credited by the Company found liable for your loss. The refund always comes back to you the consumer and we invoice you for our fee. 

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